This Ypsilanti restaurant will give you a side of history with your breakfast

The Bomber Restaurant was first established in 1936

It first became known as "The Bomber Restaurant" when it was feeding the workers of the Willow Run Bomber Plant, now it carries on that legacy with their "wall of fame" and their oversized breakfasts.

Ypsilanti – From giant flapjacks smothered in syrup, to their signature breakfast with 10 slices of bacon - The Bomber Restaurant likes to go big and make you feel like you’re at home.

“It’s eclectic, savory and sweet, definitely home cooking,” says owner Johanna McCoy.

While they serve lunch, their true specialty is breakfast. Their menu is extensive with lots of eggs, pancakes, omelets, and more. Plus, their portions are about just as big as the menu.

This homey dinner has been feeding hungry customers for a while. In 1936 Florence Baldwin opened up a restaurant on Michigan Avenue in Ypsilanti. When WWII started many people moved to the area from the south to work at the new Willow Run Bomber Plant. As part of the “arsenal of democracy” the workers’ efforts were key to winning the war. At its height, the plant could produce one bomber plane an hour.

“She would take care of those people who only rented rooms, and she would feed them breakfast, lunch, and dinner,” explains McCoy. " So she was known as ‘The Bomber Restaurant,’ because she took care of all the people working there.”

Over the years the restaurant changed hands, but then, in 1995, McCoy and her boyfriend took it over. It was kismet, McCoy was a big fan of the 1940s and was a collector of WWII memorabilia.

“I don’t know of another time in history where there’s been that much unity in the entire country,” says McCoy.

So with your meal, you get a little side of history. As the restaurant grew, so did their collection. Customers donated their personal items, which they proudly hung on the wall. While they try to stick to WWII, they will honor any veterans and their families.

Currently, they are open Wednesday through Sunday from 8 AM to 2 PM. They are located at 306 E Michigan Ave. in Ypsilanti.

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