Here’s a taste of the island of Jamaica right here in the D

The Jamaican Pot has authentic recipes you’ll love

The Jamaican Pot on Live in the D

It’s time to get some summer vacation vibes! Doesn’t the island of Jamaica sound nice? There’s a place that’s ready to whisk you away with authentic Jamaican recipes. It’s called The Jamaican Pot and there are two locations right here in the D!

The Jamaican Pot is an authentic Jamaican restaurant owned and operated by two native Jamaican lovebirds, Rosemarie and Bruce. The two opened their first location on 8 Mile and Hubbell using Rosemarie’s home recipes. She featured some fan-favorite dishes including jerk and curry chicken and her oxtail dinners.

The Jamaican Pot also revealed their new menu items including a vegan burger, and their frozen items selection.

The Jamaican Pot has two locations in Detroit on 8 Mile and Hubbell and another location in Detroit’s New Center district.

Watch the video to learn more.

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