Chill out with ice creams that fit in with your diet

Enjoy a healthier twist on this favorite summer dessert

Healthier Ice Cream with Jody Trierweiler

The weather is heating up later this week which means it’s the season to cool down with a summer favorite, ice cream. Think it’s not healthy? - Well think again!

Nutrition and fitness expert, Jody Trierweiler, has some ways to help you indulge in your sugary treat while keeping your health goals in mind.

Trierweiler showed three different types of summer treats. The first ice cream is called “Cado” because it’s made from avocado and Jody says it is super creamy. She likes to top it off with some whipped cream. She also suggested popsicles made from Lion’s Mane mushrooms called “Dream Pops.” Trierweiler says this specific type of mushroom has lots of health benefits, especially for cell regeneration. She also showed off a Keto ice cream called Rebel that has no sugar but is very high in fat and calories.

Watch the video to learn more!

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