Here’s how you can meet the muppets in real life

Catch Kermit and some behind the scenes pics

Dearborn – Kermit, Bert, Ernie, Fozzie, Big Bird, those names alone instantly take you to a place in your mind where the Muppets are your friends and taught you lessons as a child you will never forget. Now the man behind “The Muppets,” Jim Henson, is being celebrated at The Henry Ford Museum with his own exhibit.

Host Jason Carr spoke to Kate Morland, the Exhibits Manager at the Henry Ford, to learn more about the exhibit. Sesame Street started in 1969, so for over 50 years The Muppets have been in the public eye. Jim Henson was a large part of that. He started The Muppets before Sesame Street started airing and continuing on through the 70s and 80s.

The exhibit will have several pieces of memorabilia including Miss Piggy’s gloves, Bunson and Beaker, and even Kermit. It will be a mixture of costumes, puppets, and some 2D works that show what went on behind the scenes.

This exhibit comes courtesy of the Museum of the Moving Image out of New York. They have a permanent exhibit there but also have the traveling exhibit that has been all across the country.

The exhibit will run from Friday, June 5th through Labor Day. It is recommended to buy your tickets in advance since the museum is limiting the capacity for everyone’s safety. You can find more information on the Henry Ford Museum website.

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