Can you have more than one best friend?

Tomorrow is National Best Friends Day

Tomorrow is National Best Friends Day so we thought we’d bring in some of our friends of “Live in the D” to talk about friendship. Joining Host Tati Amare to talk about it is a personal friend of Jason Carr’s and his vet for his two pooches, Dr. Corey Gut. Funnyman comedian Mike Bonner and Vanessa Cohen, mother of 5 and the Founder of The Cohen Brand round out the group.

First up, how important are best friends? Very, according to Bonner. He says he has been friends with the same guys since he was in second grade and that they are more like brothers than friends. Cohen says she has a “personal board of directors” which includes all her close friends who know her very well and help hold her accountable. For Dr. Gut, her friends are her safe space. “They tell it like it is but also support you,” she says.

Can you have more than one best friend? According to Dr. Gut, the answer is “yes. " She believes it is important to have close friends in all spheres of your life. Bonner strongly agreed with Dr. Gut.

So, do you keep in touch with your childhood besties? As stated earlier, Bonner has been friends with the same group of friends most of his life. For Cohen, she has some friends she speaks to every day, others she speaks to every week, and others she speaks to every month. One thing she has learned is that to be close you don’t need to chat every day. It’s more about reaching out when you want or need to and being able to pick up right where you left off. Dr. Gut has friends from all stages of her life and likes to keep in touch with all of them.

Finally, are you closer to your best friends than some of your family members? In Tati’s opinion, the answer is yes, sometimes you are. Bonner says what he shares with his family is different than what he shares with his friends. They are all different relationships, but he loves all of them. Cohen agreed, but also pointed out that her husband is her best friend, and he is family too. “We have our biological family, and then our logical family,” says Dr. Gut, “Friends are the family you choose... it all works together.”

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