Keep you brown sugar soft using these methods

Try It Out Tuesday checks out three ways to save your hardened brown sugar

Live in the D: Try It Out Tuesday Brown Sugar Hacks
Live in the D: Try It Out Tuesday Brown Sugar Hacks

Have you ever gotten ready to bake a sweet treat, just to find your brown sugar is hard as a rock? Instead of throwing it away and making a trip to the store, there are some old, and new, school ways to turn the brick of sugar back into a baking staple. For this Try It Out Tuesday, Kila Peeples tries to re-soften brown sugar using a slice of bread, a terracotta brown bear sugar saver, and the freezer method. The bread and the brown bear were put in separate containers with the brown sugar bricks for a day or two. The third container had soften sugar that came straight from the box and into the freezer.

Watch the video above to see if any of these ways worked to save the brown sugar!

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