Go back in time with Log Cabin Days

An outdoor event this weekend that’s a blast from the past

Log Cabin Days on Live in the D

It’s crazy to think you don’t need a time machine or something like the DeLorean to see what it was like back hundreds of years ago. This Sunday afternoon, June 27 from 1-5 is Log Cabin Day at Palmer Park in Northwest Detroit. The event, unlike in recent years, will be outdoors with things to experience with the family.

The original log cabin is currently under restoration. It was originally built in 1885 by Senator Thomas Palmer when his wife Lizzie Pitts Merrill Palmer said that she never lived in one, so she wanted one.

The event will also feature textile artist Lynetta Halalay who will explain spinning wool and making yarn with the children and those that want to learn.

Sharing the history and teaching the youth is something the event is hoping to do as they return to in person this year. Barbara Allen will also be educating those about her ancestor Sojourner Truth and reading her book “Remembering Great Grandma Sojourner Truth”.

Watch the video above for more information on Log Cabin Days.

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