Clean your grill with two items that you probably already have at your BBQ

Try It Out Tuesday tests if an onion or a splash of beer can clean your grill grates

Live in the D: Try It Out Tuesday - Cleaning your Grill

It is almost time for the 4th of July holiday weekend, and you will most likely be breaking out the grill to make some juicy hamburgers or fall off the bone ribs. Even though the meal is delicious, it can cause quite a mess for your grill. Kila Peeples found a couple of ways to clean your grill grates and it’s using items that you probably have in the kitchen or at the cookout. One way Kila found was to scrub the grates with a cut onion, the other was to pour beer on the grates then scrub using a grill brush. Will the onion or the beer make your grill sparkle? Or are they better to use traditionally at your BBQ?

Watch the video above to see if this Try It Out Tuesday works!

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