9 Hacks to make your next camping trip a breeze

Need an extra light? We’ve got a hack for that!

9 Hacks For Your Camping Trip on Live in the D

Camping is a ton of fun for the whole family- it’s one of my favorite weekend activities - but you literally need to bring everything you’ll need for the night with you. So here are 9 hacks to make your next camping trip a breeze!

  1. Let’s talk packing! To save space, try this folding hack. Fold your shirt in half and place them on top of your t-shirt. Lay your underwear on them as well and fold the sides of the t-shirt over the shorts to make a long rectangle. Then place your socks at the top of the shirt with the hole side pointing out to either side making a T. Roll it all up and fold your socks over the roll. Now your clothes are organized by day.
  2. You can free up some extra room in your cooler too if you freeze the water bottles you plan to drink instead of using icepacks.
  3. All right, now that you’re at your campsite, you’ll need to start a fire. You can make your own fire starter out of an old toilet paper roll and dryer lint. Just stuff the lint into the roll. My backpacking friends taught me this one, and it works every time.
  4. For a snack at night, how about some popcorn? You can make these campfire popcorn balls by putting oil, popcorn kernels, and seasonings in some aluminum foil and folding it up into a pouch. (If not using thick aluminum foil, use two layers.) Then just put them on the grill, flipping them around a few times so they don’t burn, until you hear the popping slow down. Enjoy!
  5. At night make an extra lantern out of your water jug and headlamp. Just put the headlamp around the jug with the light facing the water so it is diffused.
  6. For breakfast the next morning, it’s best to prep your food before you leave - this really goes for all cooking. Scramble your eggs beforehand and transport them in an old water bottle. This reduces your prep time and the utensils you’ll need.
  7. If you feel like pancakes, mix up the batter at home and put it in a larger freezer bag. Cut off the corner and use it as a piping bag.
  8. Save space by putting whatever spices you need in old Tic Tac containers!
  9. And you can’t forget about coffee! Make your own coffee bags using 1 tbs. of coffee grounds, a coffee filter, and string. All you need to do at camp is add hot water.

Watch the video above for more details on each of these hacks. We hope these fun ideas help you enjoy the great outdoors!

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