Glam up your skin with this body scrub

This entrepreneur went form the legal bench to her own beauty bar

Amarra Products on Live in the D

Imagine if beauty products could inspire you and make your skin glow. We’ll we’ve found one that will do both! How about a product from a local woman who went from being on the legal bench as a judge to the beauty bar as an entrepreneur making products to help give your skin a little t-l-c and spark some inspo.

Tiffany Cartwright, Founder of Amarra Products and makers of G.L.A.M. Body Scrub, talked about how to make your skin glow in the summer heat.

When Tiffany was a new mom she found out her daughter had eczema and Tiffany wanted to treat it with natural products. She created a scrub in her home kitchen that is now a nationally sold brand. The G.L.A.M. body scrub comes in different scents that can be used to get a different experience from each. Cartwright says that her coffee glam Body Scrub can wake up your skin the same way coffee can wake you up in the morning while her peppermint-eucalyptus G.L.A.M. body scrub can help get your feet ready for sandal season.

G.L.A.M body scrub comes in 7 different scents that are now available at Walmart.

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