Help your student drive into a successful career early in life

Technical training can start way before college or trade school

Drive One Career Technical High School on Live in the D
Drive One Career Technical High School on Live in the D

Getting a head start on a career can lead to a successful life, and some kids get that start in high school.

“Live in the D” host Jason Carr chatted with Paul Tregembo Jr., the program manager for Drive One Career Technical High School.

Some students have a passion early on in life that can help them jump-start a lifelong career. These teens could easily wait after college or trade school, or they could start in high school.

Tregembo said at Drive One Career Technical High School, students can experience automotive, welding, machine and automotive design while earning their high school diploma at the same time. The students will also get a chance to have an apprenticeship and job placement while they’re still in school.

Drive One Career Technical High School is a free public high school. They also offer credit recovery for students who lost credit due to the pandemic.

For those who aren’t sure about exactly what they want to do, the school gives them a chance to experience all of the programs. As they work in different sectors of technology, they will get a chance to compete against other students around the country.

Drive One Career Technical high school is located in Roseville and has open enrollment today for fall 2021.

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