What are your junk food cravings? Did cereal make that list?

Grab your snacks for National Junk Food day July, 21st

What's the Buzz - Junk Food Discussion
What's the Buzz - Junk Food Discussion

Wednesday, July 21st is National Junk Food Day, something we can all get a little excited about! It’s not like we need an excuse to eat junk food but this helps.

Live in the D host, Jason Carr chatted with AJ Williams, Managing Editor of the Michigan Chronicle who also has a blog, Single Black Chick, Jason Hall with Ridetroit, and Mark Sobolewski, a local teacher, actor, and comedian.

These friends of the show answered questions about the junk food they like and other questions like: Are you a sweet or salty junk food person? Do you get cravings for junk food and do you give into the cravings? Is cereal a junk food?

When it comes to salty or sweet preferences, AJ likes salty snacks while Jason loves sweets. Mark sided with salty snacks but threw in savory with beef jerky sticks.

The group also talked about their favorite junk food cravings. Mark loves the new Faygo Firework pop, AJ sticks with pork rinds while Jason just needs his peanut M&M’s on the go.

The biggest question of the day was if cereal is junk food. According to AJ, it is! but only because she likes to top her vanilla ice cream with Cap’n Crunch.

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