Reconsidering your career path? This opportunity might pique your interest

Teachers of Tomorrow on Live in the D

In the last year, there have been many who have reconsidered their career path, some as a result of the stress and restrictions of the pandemic.

As it happens, there is a teacher shortage right now, according to Dave Seba, chief development officer of Teachers of Tomorrow.

And there’s a teacher certification program that doesn’t require the financial burden of going back to college, so if you’ve ever dreamed of educating youth, now might be the perfect time.

The best news about it is, you can work full time, with benefits, and get that certification -- all at the same time.

Here are a few things worth noting:

  • It’s a self-studying program, so you can enroll at any time.
  • The initial phase of the program costs less than $300 to begin.
  • The certification can take three months to a year, depending on how quickly you can or want to work on it.

While you must wait three years to be fully certified, you can still work as a teacher during those years.

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