How to help children on the spectrum prepare for real-world experiences

Community rooms mimic specific situations

Blossom Behavioral Wellness Center on Live in the D
Blossom Behavioral Wellness Center on Live in the D

When a child is on the spectrum, getting the appropriate guidance and support early on for both the child and their family can help them prepare for real-life experiences.

According to Anna Homes, clinical director at Blossom Behavorial Wellness Center, children learn best when they are having fun.

Holmes said the wellness center tries to prepare kids for real-world experiences like getting their hair cut, or going out to eat at a restaurant -- things that can be quite distressing for some children.

To help prepare them, Blossom Behavioral Wellness Center has four community rooms to mimic those situations: a dentist, a doctor, a restaurant and a hair salon. In each rooms, the participants get a very immersive idea of what it will be like and can then practice their coping strategies.

The center also has tons of fun recreational activities and social groups to encourage kids to have fun and learn in a safe environment in which they feel comfortable.

To learn more, watch the video above.

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