Is it too soon to be thinking about going back to school?

There’s only one month left in summer.

What's The Buzz - Back to School

Here we are at the start of August. Where has the year gone? Is it too soon to start thinking about fall and going back to school? There’s only one month left in summer. Today on “What’s The Buzz” we’re discussing some of the things that it may be “too soon” for. Joining host Jason Carr to talk about it are Jason Hall with RiDetroit, Kerry Doman the Founder of Little Guide Detroit, and Mark Sobolewski, a teacher, actor, and comedian.

First up, is it too soon to be thinking about going back to school? We first spoke to the teacher in the group, Mark, and he said while he has to get into that mindset to start prepping, he’s not sure that families need to right now. On the one hand, this is a big year for back to school because this may be the first time in a year and a half that kids will actually be returning to in-person classrooms, however, there is a balance that should be struck. Don’t send the kids back all stressed out. Kerry agrees and said she has already started talking with her kids about school and has bought a few supplies to get them in the right mindset, though she does have a lot of fun activities planned for the rest of the summer. According to Jason, while it is never too early to talk about going back to school, this year has been a strange one, and he plans to enjoy every ounce of summer with his daughter.

Speaking of going back to school, fall officially starts in mid-September; is it too soon to be thinking of winding down for fall activities? Jason says it is way too early, we are still in peak summer and should be enjoying it. Mark agreed, saying his favorite time to go to the beach is in September because everyone acts like summer is over and the beaches are empty even though the weather is still nice. Kerry pointed out that a lot of people see Labor Day as the end of summer, and many of her readers are looking for fall family activities after the holiday.

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