The chlorophyll craze: Healthy or Hype?

Does this social media trend have health benefits?

Live in the D - The Chlorophyll Craze

One of the latest crazes to hit social media has to do with chlorophyll. So what is it? In the words of nutrition and fitness expert Jody Trierweiler, chlorophyll is like the blood of plants and causes the green pigment in plants and vegetables.

People on social media are raving about it, and consuming it in drinks, food, and more. Trierweiler spoke with Tati Amare about some of the health benefits and even self-care benefits, such as using it in a facial masks.

As far as consumption of chlorophyll, it is non-toxic, and the only negatives are stains that it may leave on clothes and teeth, but it is overall healthy according to Trierweiler. Too much of anything is always a thumbs down, which is the same for chlorophyll; too much consumption may lead to some nausea and digestion problems.

Watch the video above for more information.

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