Prepare for back to school a little easier

Kerry Doman from Little Guide Detroit shares some fun and easy ways get ready

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It’s time to head back to school, or at least soon enough.

Things will ultimately look very different this year, but there are some fun ways for kids and parents to get ready for the school year

Kerry Doman from Little Guide Detroit shared some fun and easy ways to prepare!

First things first, parents have to get everything on their classroom list. This usually involves running to the store and finding all the specified supplies, but Kerry found an easier way to handle this task. She suggested using 1st Day School Supplies. This company packs a box full of your specified classroom list and drops it off at your doorstep.

For those students who may be missing out on all the fun of shopping for supplies with the kids, Kerry suggested doing a back to school project together like decorating the your child’s back pack. This allows your child to get creative and add some personal style to their main back to school item.

For schools that require masks, Kerry suggests keeping 3 masks in your child’s backpack. This way if one gets dirty or wet they will always have a spare.

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