A touch of pop, soul, and opera with Kisma Jordan

Inspiration has “No Limits”

Music Monday's - Kisma Jordan

Kisma Jordan gets her inspiration from so many places. As a trained operatic singer, she’s figured out a way to create a sound of her own by taking what seems to be two opposites and putting them together into a piece of musical art.

The trained opera singer has taken the vocals of opera and the beats and instrumentals from pop/soul for her new EP OperaSoul.

Jordan spoke on how the strict rules of opera have their limitations of creativity, but by creating her own sound, she found freedom in her music.

She will be premiering the OperaSoul Experience, a concert that blends soul/pop music with opera vocals, this September. Around 60% of the music will be composed by Jordan.

Half of the concert will be a live premiere of Jordan’s EP that she will be releasing on Sep 1 called The OperaSoul EP.

Watch the video above for a full interview and to hear her new song Fighting.

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