Do you know how to tell a good joke?

Get advice on cracking jokes from the professionals

What's The Buzz - National Tell A Joke Day

Be prepared to laugh because August 16 is National Tell a Joke Day.

In honor of the holiday, local comedians Mike Bonner, Melanie Hearn and Jasen Magic made an appearance on Live In The D to share their secrets about how they make people laugh.

According to Melanie Hearn, telling a good joke is about being transparent and relatable. Melanie says comedy is everywhere, so she constantly takes notes when she gets an idea. Melanie also hones her skills by going to open mic nights multiple times a week.

Mike Bonner says to have a good joke, you’ll need great content and some snappy comebacks.

Watch the video to hear Jasen crack a joke about Snoop Dogg.