Get a tasty carnival treat anytime of the year

Frozen Elephant offers unique elephant ear toppings the whole family will enjoy.

Take-Out Tuesday: Frozen Elephants

Certain food can transport us back to good moments in our lives and this sweet treat will probably remind you of colorful lights and family fun, like a carnival!

Shelby Mansour, Marketing Director of Frozen Elephant, and Ali Kofi, manager of Frozen Elephant, talked about where to find your favorite carnival treat.

Frozen Elephant offers unique elephant ear toppings like fruity pebbles, strawberry cheesecakes bites, peanut butter & strawberry jelly. You can also get the original elephant ear with powdered sugar, caramel sauce or chocolate sauce.

Frozen Elephant also offers other tasty, nostalgic treats such as hand scooped ice cream, milk shakes and frozen custard.

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