Does Labor Day mark the end of vacation season?

Cider mill season is right around the corner...

Jason Carr talks with AJ Williams, Lauren Crocker, and Mike Bonner about the what Labor Day signifies.

Don’t look now, but August is almost over, September arrives this Wednesday, and Labor Day is this weekend. Are you just as excited for Labor Day as you were for Memorial Day? Or does Labor mark the end of the summer, and vacation season for you? That’s what we’re discussing on today on What’s the Buzz.

Joining host Jason Carr to discuss it are: Lauren Crocker, co-host of “The Blaine Fowler Morning Show” on 96.3 WDVD; AJ Williams, the managing editor of the Michigan Chronicle and the woman behind; and Mike Bonner, a local comedian.

So first up, does Labor Day mean the end of vacation season? The answer is “yes,” according to AJ. Due to the summer storms, we didn’t really get the summer we wanted, AJ pointed out, and now it’s basically over. So, it is disappointing. While it does mark the end of summer, Crocker is excited about what Labor Day means. She has been waiting for the cooler fall weather and loves shopping on Labor Day weekend. Bonner says that while this does mark the end of summer, it’s still a good time of year, and Labor Day gives us another chance to connect with the kids before the school year really kicks into gear.

When it comes to Labor Day, do you think it is better to get away for the weekend or enjoy a 3-day long staycation? Bonner and Crocker believe this weekend is all about the staycation, a great way to unwind at the end of summer. Williams, on the other hand, says she plans to hit the road and spend the weekend with her toes in the sand at a beach.

What about Labor Day versus Memorial Day, or the 4th of July weekend? Does it have the same zeal? For Bonner, the answer is “no.” The 4th of July is peak summertime to him, and Labor Day doesn’t have the same vibe. Williams agreed, saying she prefers the 4th of July. Memorial Day has that start of summer energy Crocker likes, while Labor Day is more chill and all about winding down.

Finally, do you get excited for what comes after Labor Day like cider mills, fall weather, and holiday planning? While Labor Day does mean the end of summer, Williams says she is excited about fall, saying “fall equals fashion.” Bonner is excited for cider mill season as well, and the return of football.

So what do you think? What’s the Buzz airs every Monday on Live in the D.

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