Can this item get “rid” of damp, musty room issues?

Try It Out Tuesday gives DampRid Moisture Absorbers at try in three different places

Try It Out Tuesday tests whether these DampRid moisture Absorbers help prevent musty rooms

With all of the hot and humid days we’ve had lately, along with the rain, moisture can build up in your home. This can cause everything to smell musty and damp from your clothes to entire rooms. Kila Peeples tried a popular item that claims to catch the moisture in a room and trap it. The product is called DampRid and it can be purchased in double layer pouches or in containers. DampRid has crystals that capture the damp air, transforming it into liquid that drains into a separate part of the container. Kila tried DampRid in three places, her clothes closet, the basement, and under her kitchen sink.

Watch the video above to see whether or not the DampRid worked!

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