Prepare your pet for your new family routines

Michigan Humane offers advice for pet owners

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As we head toward the end of summer, it means a shift in routines that can impact all members of the family, including pets. Anna Chrisman with Michigan Humane says change can be stressful on pets, but there are some steps you can take to prepare your furry friend.

First, Anna says to be patient with your pet as they try to adjust to changes at home. If you need to change your pet’s meal times, Anna suggests making it a gradual transition. Another suggestion from Anna is to get your kids involved with caring for your animals. She says it can help ease stress and can also help build the bond between the kids and pets. If your pet is having a difficult time adjusting to your new routine, Anna says it might be time to consider pet daycare or crate training.

Michigan Humane is also looking for a forever home for a rabbit named Skunk. Watch the video above to hear more about Skunk and if this furry friend could be the perfect fit for your family.