Take a fast and furious ride at this race course

Jason Carr visited the new M1 Concourse for a ride that left him breathless

Jason M1 Concourse on Live in the D

For anyone who watches Live in the D, you know how much Jason Carr loves his Mustang. The green machine has so much horsepower that it rivals the Kentucky Derby, but he can’t test its potential, legally, on the road. Well, Jason got a chance to put the pedal to the metal at the new M1 Concourse race course in Pontiac, not in his emerald beauty, but in a bright orange Saleen Mustang. Riding shotgun with a professional driver, Jason experienced the speed and power of the car, and the force of gravity as they did numerous drifts. Drifting is when the driver oversteers a turn, still in complete control of the car as it drifts across the pavement. The track has a specific area designed for drifting. Then, Jason got behind the wheel to try out his drifting skills, and then hit the main track for speed driving.

If you want to check out the new M1 Concourse, it will be hosting the outdoor auto show, Motor Bella next week. Pubic days are September 23rd thru the 26th. This auto show is in place of the Detroit Auto show which had to be cancelled due to the pandemic.

Watch the video above to see Jason take on the M1 Concourse track!

The orange Saleen Mustang Jason drove could be yours through a special raffle! Go to this website to enter. Tickets start at $25 for a dozen, and if you enter the code “WOODWARD”, you get 50% more free tickets.

Winners will be announced September 26th, and the car will be refreshed before delivery. Proceeds benefit “America’s Automotive Trust”, which works to secure the group’s automotive passion, and heritage for future generations.

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