‘Ghostbusters’ singer is coming home for the movie premiere of his life story

R&B singer Ray Parker, Jr. talks about the new film about his life, “Who You Gonna to Call?”

Ray Parker, Jr. on Live in the D

It’s a song that brings back instant memories, watching the mega hit movie “Ghostbusters”, and hearing the song that asked the question, “Who you gonna call?”. The singer/songwriter of the classic tune is coming home to Detroit for the world premiere of the movie about his life. Ray Parker, Jr. joined Tati Amare to discuss his new film “Who You Gonna Call?” which is part of the Freep Film Festival, and about some of his memories growing up in the Detroit.

Parker said he is excited to have the movie premiere in his hometown because Detroit was such an important part of his musical career. He also said he can’t wait to see all his friends and family that are planning to come to the premiere, which will be shown Thursday night at the Redford Theater and Sunday at the Emagine Theater in Birmingham. Parker says some people may wonder why a movie was made about his life, but he said the hit song form 1984 is only a small part of his life and career.

Watch the video above to see what Tati learned about Ray Parker, Jr. that left her completely surprised.