Discover a unique way to appreciate art and design at this event

The Detroit Month of Design has a series of art exhibitions at multiple locations in Detroit

Detroit Month of Design on Live in the D
Detroit Month of Design on Live in the D

Art can be expressed in many ways, through paintings, music, or even with sticks found in your backyard. There is an event happening throughout the month of September that highlights the numerous styles of art in and around the city of Detroit. Kiana Wenzell, director of Detroit Month of Design, joined Kim DeGiulio to discuss the unique event and some of the upcoming exhibits happening this weekend.

Wenzell describes Detroit Month of Design as an annual multi-disciplinary design festival, which is celebrating its 11th year in 2021. Some of the exhibits include “The Sneaker House” at the Lawrence Tech Center for Design and Technology. It showcases five artists whose artwork was inspired by sneaker and street culture. There is also the Moments in Immersion installation at the First National Building which combines sculptures and experimental films that are projected onto the artwork.

Detroit Month of Design is at various locations throughout the city and will end on September 30th.

Watch the video above to hear about other exhibits that will be a part of Detroit Month of Design.