Are you ready for the seasonal shift with your clothes?

What’s the Buzz tackles the happiness or dread of switching your wardrobe to fall clothes

What’s The Buzz: Fall Wardrobe on Live in the D

You can feel the change in the air, cool mornings and crisp nights, fall is among us. Are you ready for the seasonal shift in your wardrobe? The What’s The Buzz panel, along with Jason Carr, talked about packing up the swimsuits, and breaking out the hoodies and jeans. Joining Jason this week was Blaine Fowler, of The Blaine Fowler Morning Show on 96.3 WDVD, Mary Liz Curtain, owner of Leon and Lulu in Clawson, and AJ Williams, Managing Editor and City, Life, and Style Editor of the Michigan Chronicle.

When Jason asked the crew if the shift in the season makes them wan to shop for fall clothes, or stock up on summer clearance items, AJ said she is already finding great deals on summer clothes and accessories. She is buying them with the anticipation that she will be starting next summer with style and flair. Mary Liz agreed, saying if you find a summertime treasure, grab it, buy it, and save it! However, she said, now that things are opening back up again, buy some nice currently fashionable fall clothes.

Blaine, when asked if he prefers summer clothes to fall clothes, said he likes to wear whatever is comfortable. He said it is cold in the studio where he does his show, but he has been known to go on-air wearing swim trunks, so it’s up in the air for him. Same goes for Mary Liz, she doesn’t care what the temperature is as long as she is comfortable.

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