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Movie Review Greg Russell shares insight on “Halloween Kills”, “The Last Duel”, and “Hard Luck Love Song”

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Michael Myers is back on the big screen this weekend just in time for Halloween trick-o- treating and Matt Damon is dressing up as a knight in shining armor in his movie. Movie reviewer Greg Russell joined Jason Carr to talk about the movies that are hitting the big screens this weekend.

Michael Myers is back and he is talking over the town. Russel says Halloween Kills is a fun movie. Russell was able to chat with Jamie Lee Curtis, who plays Laurie Strode and she says the movie is thrilling, brutal, violent, and angry. Curtis also says there is nothing like a great comedy to get people laughing together and there is nothing like a great horror film to let people let out anxiety they are carrying around. Russell gives this film four our of five reels.

Next, Russell talks about the prestige of the film The Last Duel, starring Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, and Adam Driver. Russell says this movie about two guys who were friends growing up and now as adults want to fight each other to take over the world in the 14th century.

Finally, we have a dramatic love story called Hard Luck Love Song. Russell says this movie is about two people who are down on their luck and cannot seem to get it over the hump to enjoy and have fun with each other. Russell was able to talk with the stars of the movie Sophia Bush and Michael Dorman. Bush says there is something fractured and beautiful in knowing you are unfinished somewhere and have to explore an unending connection of fear, lost, rejection, and honesty. Russell gives this film three our of five reels.

Watch the video above for full interview with Greg Russell and casts.

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