Are you already making plans for the holidays?

What’s The Buzz talks about when is it time to start planning for the upcoming holiday season

What’s the Buzz on Live in the D

Halloween is coming up soon, that means Thanksgiving and December holidays are right behind it. Are you starting to prepare for them? This week’s What’s The Buzz ponders if now is the time to start planning for the holidays. Joining Jason Carr was comedian Mike Bonner, and Vanessa Cohen, co-founder of The Cohen Brand, to share their opinions on the matter.

Jason asked Mike and Vanessa when they start planning for the holidays. Mike said he starts planning right now. He looks forward to the holidays after Halloween because of a hilarious, but traumatic tradition he used to have as a kid. Vanessa said she is ready for Halloween to be over so she can start her holiday planning, as she is getting frustrated with her kids’ costume demands.

When it comes to flying or driving to holiday events, although Vanessa tends to host for the holidays, she said she would prefer to fly. She stated that her family can only stand to be in the car for a short period of time, and driving a long distance would not be fun. Mike said he likes to drive, his family is somewhat close by, so he gets in the car and takes off.

Watch the video above to hear more about what our friends thought about planning for the holidays.