This Metro Detroit fashion designer takes national spotlight

Sabrina Spanta takes her talents to Project Runway

Project Runway Designer on Live in the D

A Metro Detroit fashion designer is showcasing her skills in the national spotlight. She is a contestant on Project Runway, a show where sixteen designers are in a race against the clock and each other.

Fashion designer Sabrina Spanta joined Tati Amare to talk about what it is like to be a part of Project Runway and her fashion journey.

Spanta says being on Project Runway was extremely stressful and the hardest thing she has ever done. She expressed how it is about resilience and character building and not only fashion.

A lot of Spanta’s design style is inspired by her homeland, Afghanistan. She says she loves looking at her own culture and telling stories through her work. Her brand aesthetic is modern, chic, and edgy.

The fashion designer recently launched her own brand that focuses on pants. She says prior to her being adopted in 2000, she had only seen women wear dresses in Afghanistan. She says when she arrived at the airport in the United States from Afghanistan and Pakistan, she saw her adopted mom in a pair of jeans, in the driver’s seat, and in charge. She says that day was such an inspiration to her and she knew that pants made women powerful and not powerless.

Watch the video above for full interview and more information about Sabrina Spanta.

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