Is it possible to get too much Halloween candy?

What’s The Buzz goes in on Halloween treats!

What’s the Buzz: Halloween Candy Live in the D

This Sunday is Halloween and neighborhoods will be full of kids dressed up and trick-or-treating. Every kid wants a full bag of Halloween treats, but is there a such thing as too much candy? This week’s What’s The Buzz crew, which was Blaine Fowler of The Blaine Fowler Show on 96.3 WDVD, RiDetroit’s Jason Hall, and Little Guide Detroit founder Kerry Doman, talked to Tati Amare about the great Halloween candy debate.

When asked if there is such a thing as too much candy on Halloween, the crew all said there is no such thing as too much candy. Kerry said her kids are small and they run out of steam trick-or-treating before they can get too much candy. Jason, who was in full Halloween mode in a squirrel costume, said he is ready share his daughter’s candy she receives, except Butterfinger, she can have those.

As for whether they plan to leave candy out in a bowl, or have the kids knock on the door and say, “Trick or Treat”, Blaine said he left a bowl out, but due to the pandemic there was quite a bit left, which he thoroughly enjoyed. Jason and Kerry plan to walk their kids up to the door for the full experience.

For the crew’s views on fun-sized vs. full-sized candy bars, and more, watch the video above.