3 strategies for sustaining healthy habits

Pack healthy snacks to avoid unhealthy holiday treats

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How many times have you told yourself you’re going to lead a healthier lifestyle or lose weight only to fall back into the same unhealthy habits all over again?

Finding the right fit for your lifestyle can help you avoid those setbacks.

Jody Wright, a nurse who has lost 85 pounds, offered up some of her tips on how to do it right and stick with it:

1. Pack healthy snacks when you’re on the go or headed to gatherings where there will be temptations. The snacks can help you to not feel deprived while looking at some of the unhealthy foods that linger around the holidays.

2. Look for and share healthy recipes.

3. Make small changes to daily life. Try incorporating any kind of exercise, like taking a walk or getting in a quick workout before going to work.

Wright said doing the things above, along with working with WW, is what has led to her success, adding that overall, she has found joy in healthy things, rather than unhealthy habits.

Wright said she enjoys WW because it allows you to hear other people’s health and lifestyle stories that keep her inspired.

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