This toy insider says these are the hot toys of the season

There’s a fun toy on this list for every budget

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The holidays are right around the corner and we’re here to help you get your toy shopping list for the kids in your life ready to go.

James Zahn, Senior Editor with the Toy Insider, showed Tati Amare a variety of fun toys for every price point..

A new hot toy of the season is My Squishy Little Dumpling. These electronic pets’ eyes blink and they have squishy cheeks. This is a collectible item and goes for around $14. Zahn said this toy is something to keep in mind as a fun stocking stuffer for kids.

If you remember the Cats vs. Pickles craze back in 2020 you’ll be happy to know the adorable toys are back - but this time they are supersized! What started as small squishable bean bags are now the jumbo squishy toys for kids to enjoy. Zahn said the story revolves around cats being afraid of pickles but they soon learn that the pickles just want love. Now the kids can give the toy even more love with an even bigger hug. The giant squishy toy will run you about $20.

A hot tech toy for the season is the Kidizoom Printcam from V-tech. Zahn says it is a super durable camera with five megapixels. The camera can also be used for selfies. Once your child has finished taking pictures they can be printed directly from the camera. The camera also comes with an SD card so a parent or adult can help kids upload pictures onto the computer.

There is also a new full playset out for the Batman lovers in your life. Zahn explained that the new Ultimate Batcave playset is four feet tall with 10 playrooms, including a jail, a garage for the Batmobile, a weapons armory, and more. The set also comes with one small Batman figure.

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