Shop offers a new vibe for the old-fashioned General Store

Visitors can check out holiday gifts and eat sweet treats

Union General on Live in the D

A boutique in the Village of Clarkston is creating nostalgia as it offers a new twist on the old-fashioned General Store. The idea behind Union General is to offer a little bit of everything.

Curt Catallo, one of the co-owners of Union General, spoke with “Live in the D” co-host Jason Carr about the store and what makes it unique to shoppers. Catallo described the store as “experiential” and said it “stirs the senses.” Catallo said you can smell the perfume and candles sold at Union General, which he stresses you can’t do while shopping online.

After shoppers venture through the various displays of soaps, holiday ornaments and other gifts, they can check out some sweet treats. Union General also sells cupcakes, macarons, and other treats.

Union General is located at 50 S. Main Street in the Village of Clarkston. Watch the video above to see more of what the shop has to offer.