3 reasons to consider shopping at a pawn shop

You can find luxury items here

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You may have watched the reality TV show “Pawn Stars” that features a family-run pawn shop in Las Vegas, but have you ever actually shopped at a pawn shop yourself?

You might be surprised by what you’ll find inside.

Below are three reasons to check one out:

1. You can find truly unique items and gifts.

If you’re having a hard time tracking down certain items on your holiday shopping list, a pawn shop might be the spot where you can find them.

It’s not like shopping at Target, where you know these stores will all carry the same things, nationwide. This is a different sort of experience.

2. Looking for luxury items? Try a pawn shop.

Luxury items from artwork, designer handbags, and jewelry are sold at pawn shops.

Jada Johnson, with Motor City Pawn Brokers, said you can buy paperclip necklaces, and diamond tennis necklaces and name plates, which she called “a 90s trend that’s making a comeback.”

3. It can be a cool shopping experience.

This item speaks for itself. Have you ever visited a pawn shop, or made a cool discovery there? Let us know in the comments.

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