Is there a thing as too many holiday lights?

What’s The Buzz gets merry and bright about holiday decorations.

What's the Buzz - holiday edition

This past weekend, you’ve probably seen your neighbors, or maybe it was you, on ladders putting up holiday lights in and outside of the house. Are you a fan of following in the steps of Clark Griswald in “Christmas Vacation” and go all out? Or are you like Simple Simon, and keep decorations low key? This was the topic for this week’s What’s the Buzz, which included Blaine Fowler from the Blaine Fowler Morning Show on 96.3 WDVD, Little Guide Detroit’s Kerry Doman, and RiDetroit’s Jason Hall who discussed the topic of holiday decorations with Jason Carr.

When asked if it’s possible to overdo holiday lights, Blaine said yes it is, and he is currently dealing with that situation with his neighbor. Not only does his neighbor have a massive light show, Blaine said the neighbor plays holiday music until late into the night. However, Jason Hall said to bring on the lights and music all day and night, he’s already used to bright lights due to living close to a casino, but he is ready for holiday cheer 24/7.

Jason also said he thinks holiday decorations should come down right after the holidays, he said the lights need to be turned off by the 2nd of January. Kerry said to keep them up until the end of January, because the holiday hangover can be tough to get through, so why not keep it bright with some pretty lights.

For more talk about those holiday lights, and which ones are the best, watch the video above.