3 things to consider before you begin skiing and snowboarding

Treetops Resort is having a Winter Wonderland giveaway

Do you know someone who absolutely loves skiing or snowboarding?

Is it something you’ve considered trying?

Kevin McKinley, with Treetops Resorts, had three recommendations for people who are new to the sport:

  1. Do not buy your own equipment. You want to make sure you love the sport before purchasing equipment for yourself.
  2. Lessons are important. It teaches you how to be safe, how to stop and how to control your speed with turns.
  3. Dress appropriately. Layering is important, as well as keeping the hands, feet and head protected and warm.

McKinley said Treetops Resort has 24 downhill skiing and snowboarding runs, as well as dog sledding, tubing, sleigh rides and more.

It also has more than 200 rooms available, featuring a mixture of hotel rooms, condominiums and cottages for family gatherings.

McKinley said the resort has a family getaway giveaway package for a family of four. It includes one room for one night, one day of lift tickets, one day of rentals and one tubing session per person.

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