Does gift wrapping really matter?

Or is it more about what’s inside?

What's The Buzz on Live in the D - holiday traditions

What’s the Buzz? It’s all about Christmas time for those who celebrate! Santa will be here soon and host Tati Amare spoke with our friends of the show, Jason Hall with RiDetroit, Jasen Magic, a local comedian and magician, and Mimi Brown, an author, and motivational speaker, all about the holidays.

First, they discussed their holiday traditions. Mimi Brown says she wakes up early to open all her presents before going back to bed to catch up on her sleep. She just has too much anticipation to wait. It’s all about the eating for Jason Hall. He will go to everyone’s house to drop off his gifts and pick up some food in return. Jasen Magic likes to keep the childhood traditions alive, getting milk and cookies ready for Santa, and he likes to treat himself with a Christmas donut.

What’s the best Christmas song? “Hands down, ‘All I want for Christmas is You’ by Mariah Carrey,” says Magic. Both Mimi and Jason Hall disagreed. “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree” by Brenda Lee is Mimi’s favorite, while Jason Hall believes “This Christmas” by Donny Hathaway is an amazing song that goes under the radar.

Does gift wrapping really matter? Or is it more about what’s inside? Jason Hall is all about putting presents in a nice bag, since “you’re going to rip the paper up anyway.” Mimi disagrees, saying the wrapping matters because it helps build anticipation. Jasen Magic agrees, saying he enjoys making gifts look beautiful.

For shopping this year Mimi is all about the small businesses. Jason Hall heads to Midtown to get his holiday shopping done, while Jasen Magic likes any outdoor shopping market. He says the cold weather gets him in the mood.

For the full discussion, watch the video above.

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