New movie shows how a football legend was an “American Underdog”

Dennis Quaid talked about what it was like to portray an NFL coach in this “almost unbelievable” story

American Underdog on Live in the D

Actor Dennis Quaid has starred in many movies over the past four decades, and he continues to play characters that inspire and entertain. Now, he has taken on the role of football coach in a new movie based on the real-life story of Super Bowl Champion Kurt Warner. In “American Underdog: The Kurt Warner Story”, Quaid plays Dick Vermeil, a NFL coach who helps a talented Warner go from grocery store employee to a Hall of Fame football player.

Quaid spoke to Tati Amare about the film, and how it’s a great inspirational story to see this holiday season. Quaid said the real Warner and his wife, Brenda, were always on set and very hands-on with the filming of the movie. He said the couple’s story is almost unbelievable, where Kurt went from stocking store shelves, to filling in for the injured quarterback of the St. Louis Rams, to a two-time NFL MVP. Quaid said he loved playing Vermeil, the coach that went on a hunch he felt about Warner. He said he puts his all in the characters he plays, and he thinks he did a good job because the real Vermeil sent Quaid a case of wine from his California vineyard as a thank you.

To hear more from Dennis Quaid about his film, “American Underdog”, watch the video above.