Holiday Music Bracket: 36K votes later, we have a winner! The best song is ...

Holiday Music Bracket. (WDIV)

Well, it was a fun bracket challenge, but sadly, we have to name one winner!

Our newest bracket challenge -- the Holiday Music Bracket -- sought to answer the elusive question. With suggestions from our WDIV Insiders, we compiled 32 of the best holiday songs of all time for a winner-takes-all bracket competition.

Shockingly, our two top seeds lost in the very first round! It was an absolute free-for-all! It was anyone’s bracket to win. We had about 36,000 votes in total through five rounds, and we have a winner.

*Cue the drumroll*

White Christmas -- Bing Crosby. (Beat Frank Sinatra’s I’ll Be Home For Christmas in the final)

“White Christmas” was written by Irving Berlin, a Russian composer, for the 1941 musical film “Holiday Inn,” but it was first performed in public by Bing Crosby during his NBC radio show on Christmas Day in 1941.

Crosby later recorded the song with the John Scott Orchestra and the Ken Darby Singers in 1942. It wasn’t a hit off the bat, but after being featured in more films and being recoded over and over again, it caught on.

Crosby’s “White Christmas” is the all-time best-selling single of all time, in terms of physical copies, with more than 50 million sold.

Thanks to all of you who voted in this bracket, it was a fun one! Happy holidays!

Prizes: Just by voting, you were entered to win a $100 gift card to Jax Car Wash (four in each round) and one grand prize of $500! Thanks to our sponsor, FanDuel Sportsbook -- Make your first bet risk free up to $1,000. (Winners will be contacted soon)

Holiday Music Bracket final standings:

Enjoy our Holiday Music Bracket Spotify playlist:

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