How to bring decorative plants indoors during these frigid temperatures

Many of us take a break from gardening during the winter months, but there is a way to enjoy nature from inside your home. Co-Owner of The Plant House in Ferndale, Tiffany Best, joined “Live In The D” co-host Jason Carr to share some different ways to decorate your home with indoor plants.

Best said The Plant House specializes in trendy house plants as décor. One of the most popular plants they have are “Air” plants due to their versatility and low maintenance. She suggested using a “Wally” or wall mounted pot, or a handmade macramé free-hanging pot. While they are not currently doing house calls, Best said you can visit with a picture of your plant, and they can give suggestions.

To find out where to go for indoor plant consultations and more on The Plant House, watch the video above.