Is it time to upgrade your dinnerware?

Here are some trends to consider while shopping

You might have noticed you’re eating at home more these days because of the pandemic. For many people, it has meant pulling the same plates out of the cupboard day after day. After all that use, it might be time to swap out your dinnerware. So where should you start, and what’s trending right now? Emilie Gleason, the marketing manager of The Italian Dish in Birmingham, shared some advice on “Live In The D.”

When it comes to buying dishes for every day use, Gleason said to consider durability. She said you’ll want dishes that are well made and durable for the dishwasher.

For special occasion dinnerware, Gleason said trends include dishes that infuse patterns, colors, textures and different shapes. She stressed that you want to make the dining experience special for your guests. Gleason said linen is an affordable way to bring in color and seasonal pieces for your at-home dining experience.

You can hear more about The Italian Dish and dishes for kids by watching the video above.