Sibling duo serves up unique dishes at pizzeria in Dearborn

A brother and sister are following in their parents’ footsteps as they serve up pizza and more at their restaurant in Dearborn.

Suzanne Moughania and Jalal Moughania are co-owners of Alvinos, which shares the same name as the pizzeria their parents operated back in the 90s. Suzanne said her parents made a name for themselves with their pizza that included halal pepperoni. Years later, the family is bringing pizza to the community again after rebranding and relaunching their artesian pie line. Suzanne describes their pizzas as Mediterranean inspired, hand tossed and cooked in a stone baked oven.

The menu at Alvinos also includes the ROLLIZZA. Jalal said this dish features a thin piece of dough with fried chicken, basil, marina sauce and a drizzle of ranch, all rolled tightly to create a pizza roll sandwich.

To hear about the Taco Tuesday pizza, Nutella pizza and other dishes at Alvinos, you can watch the video above.