5 ways to revive your winter wardrobe

Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordon shares some do’s and don’ts for winter fashion

Today is a perfect day to remember that slushing through the winter ice, snow, and salt can do a lot to our wardrobe. It leaves marks on our shoes, our sweaters pill, and our jackets can take quite a beating as well.

Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan joined Live in the D host Tati Amare to share some do’s and don’ts on how we can revive our winter wardrobe.

Sweaters keep us warm, but by the middle of the season, they might seem worn out. Jon says he frequently tosses a light scarf on top of a wool sweater, inadvertently producing contrast and fuzz, so consider how you’re layering your scarf and sweater.

He advises against using a lint brush to remove pilling (small balls that form on wool) since it roughs up the surface and interferes with the fiber, causing further pilling. He prefers to use lint rollers instead. If you want to take things a step further, he suggests shaving the pills off using a sweater shaver in circular strokes.

Our shoes take a hammering and get very damp throughout the winter. If you have leather or suede shoes, Jon advises against drying them over a furnace vent since it will damage the leather and cause them to curl. Instead, he suggests putting microfiber clothes in your shoes and storing them in a well-ventilated room to absorb moisture, or investing in a cedar shoe tree to absorb moisture and keep your shoes in shape.

Salt stains on shoes can sometimes be a pain. The first step, according to Jon, is to clean the dirt and filth from the area. Second, use a microfiber or dark washcloth to apply diluted shampoo. Third, apply white vinegar to a damp washcloth. Finally, apply some conditioner. According to Jon, this is a lengthy procedure, but you must commit to it or your shoes will be ruined.

According to Jon, suede shoes demand a lot of attention in the winter. He says that you can follow the same techniques as above, but you must be much more cautious. You risk discoloring it, so he recommends using a magic marker or lipstick on a toothbrush in the appropriate shade to keep your suede looking good.

Watch the video above for additional fashion advice from Jon Jordan.

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