Create a memento to preserve your memories

This shop in the D can help you showcase your photos and memorabilia

Celebrating Black History Month includes remembering key moments and people who have shaped our community. There’s a shop in Detroit that’s helping people preserve their own family memories and treasures in a special way. Eric’s I’ve Been Framed Shop has been in the Detroit community since 1994.

Eric B. Vaughn, the owner of Eric’s I’ve Been Framed Shop, said it’s a full service custom picture frame shop. It offers pictures, posters, prints, custom restoration on photographs, shadowboxes, glass replacements and repairs on frames. When it comes to preserving mementos, Vaughn stressed the importance of considering where the memento will hang or be displayed. Whether it will be near a window or in a basement can impact the way the item should be preserved.

Vaughn also has some special music memorabilia of his own, including a Temptations Trunk and a Jackson 5 animation cell that was signed by all five members of the group. Watch the video above to see this memorabilia and to learn more about Eric’s I’ve Been Framed Shop.

Eric’s I’ve Been Framed Shop is located at 16527 Livernois Avenue in Detroit.