Some of Detroit’s top gospel stars will perform in this virtual concert

Gary Sprewell talks about his debut album “Church’n With Friends”

Today we have someone who is making waves in the gospel world and who pays homage to the Detroit gospel greats. His debut album, “Church’n With Friends,” features local gospel legends like Karen Clark Sheard, Kierra Sheard, Marvin Sapp, and many more.

Gary Sprewell, international evangelist, joined “Live in the D” host Tati Amare to talk about his new project.

As we approach the final full week of Black History Month, Sprewell says everyone who has ever listened to gospel music understands that it is woven throughout the fabric of America, from slave ships to cotton fields to what we now call the African-American church experience. He says gospel music has always been the sound of the church, and that it is a major part of American history. He also said that Elvis Presley used to come to the Mason Temple headquarters of the Church of God in Christ (COGIC) in Memphis, Tennessee, to learn how to play the guitar.

Sprewell says it was vital for him to include some Detroit gospel veterans on his album “Church’n With Friends” since they are his friends and family.

“I don’t know if you can include gospel music without someone from the D,” Sprewell added.

According to Sprewell, Detroit and Michigan as a whole have played a significant role in the African American experience.

Sprewell will present a virtual concert in honor of Black History Month on February 27 that will both inspire and be familiar to the generation behind us. Tickets are available at the Church’n With Friends website.

He describes his original song, “He Promised,” as a way of informing and reminding people of their faith.

To see the full interview and watch him perform “He Promised,” watch the video above.

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