How generous should the tooth fairy be to your child?

What’s The Buzz flies in with their thoughts on money and kids

Today is National Tooth Fairy Day, and lately she has been generous! On average, kids are getting $5 a tooth, which can add up these days, but do kids know what to do with all of the money? The What’s The Buzz crew that joined Jason Carr this week are not only friends of Live in the D, but are also parents who have, or had, faced the “Tooth Fairy dilemma.” Comedian and musician Jasen Magic, fitness and nutrition expert Jody Trierweiler, and Local 4 News Today Traffic Producer Khary Hobbs shared their input on the Tooth Fairy and other topics dealing with kids and money.

When asked if $5 is too much for the Tooth Fairy to give for a tooth, Khary said he thinks the amount is a lot for one tooth, he’s not sure if inflation is causing the rise in amount, but it’s making him rethink his dental habits as an adult. Jasen, sarcastically, thought it was too low, give them “...a $20 minimum...molars should be a $100 each!”

When it comes to getting money for good grades, Jody said she absolutely rewards her kids for a job well done. She said they get all A’s, and she lets them get something of their choice for working hard. Khary said since his son is young and will only destroy paper money, he buys items instead of giving cash.

Jason asked if they give an allowance to their kids and Jasen said he would give his teenager a little amount when they were younger, but now they must work for their coins. Khary also plans to give an allowance only after his son has done chores or earned the money. Jody said she bribes her teenaged boys, because she doesn’t believe that she could provide a high enough allowance amount to motivate them.

To see more of the discussion, watch the video above.