Anxious about transitioning into the “new normal”? Here’s what you can do to help yourself

Licensed therapist Ronnie Hormel talked about what you can do to prepare for life post-pandemic

We are starting to emerge into a “new normal” of indoor dining and heading back to the office for work. While this is exciting for some, many still have questions and concerns about how to approach this new way of life after two years of uncertainty. Ronnie Hormel, a licensed therapist from Birmingham Maple Clinic, spoke to Tati Amare about ways you can prepare yourself for life post-COVID-19.

Ronnie said that if you are anxious about going back out into the world, take it slowly, and don’t jump right back into your previous routine. Write down a few things that you changed in your life, like not going out to eat, or working from home, and assess what has worked. Then figure out what is causing you to hesitate about re-starting those trends. Next, figure out what support you need to help overcome your concerns. It could be having a friend with you, or driving yourself to a gathering.

In communicating your concerns, which can be tricky, make notes of how you want to address people who question your feelings. Also, don’t be afraid to voice what is bothering you because you are responsible for your mental health. You can also suggest outings or meetings that are smaller groups, or outdoors, so you don’t have to compromise your concerns. Ronnie said some of the questions that you can ask yourself in preparation of going out into the “new normal” are:

- What have you given up or drastically changed?

- What are you anxious about reintroducing into your life?

- What new things would you like to try, or do?

- What positive things has the pandemic taught you?

For more from Ronnie Hormel, and ways you can get ready for the “new normal”, watch the video above.