Wardrobe wins and dress defects at the Oscars

What was your favorite Oscar outfit? Who didn’t quite get it right?

While last night was all about the Oscar gold, the other big conversation is all about the red carpet. Who is best dressed? And who fell short? Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan and AJ Williams, from The Michigan Chronicle, joined “Live In the D” co-host Jason Carr to talk about these Oscar hits and misses.

One look that has everyone talking is Jessica Chastain’s shimmering dress, which AJ said was classic, modern, flowy, and matched her complexion and hair perfectly. However, AJ’s first pick went to Zendaya’s flowing silver combo. She said the skirt is classic, young, a little sexy, and gives a vibe of an Oscar itself.

Jon’s first pick went to Tiffany Haddish, and said her opulent dress with lots of beading was bedazzling. He said the simplistic construction of the outfit evokes opulence, without going overboard.

AJ’s second pick went to Sophia Carson, sporting the large black “poofy” dress. A.J. said that although she tries to avoid large fluffy dresses, this classic look was done well.

Mila Kunis comes in as Jon’s second pick of the night. He said pink satin dresses are very distracting and hard to pull off, but her natural beauty allowed her to do just that.

But not all outfits at the event were accepted by our guests, and AJ did not understand what Wesley Snipes was going for. His maroon quilt suit was not so popular with AJ, but she liked his sneakers!

While Jon loves Tracee Ellis Ross, he felt the opposite about her red Carolina Herrera dress. He said the first rule of fashion is fit and flattery, and the dress missed both.

To see all the outfits mentioned, and the full interview, watch the video above.