Shop for home décor or create your own

Ferndale store offers calligraphy, wreath-making and macramé classes

Spring can be the perfect time to “zhuzh” up your home, and new décor could be the way to make your house shine. Whimsical Wit in Ferndale is a place where you can shop for home décor or learn to make it yourself.

Tricia Wilcox, the owner of Whimsical Wit, describes her business as an eclectic, little home and gift shop. It sells items like candles, pillows, books, body butters, earrings and more.

Whimsical Wit started operating out of a 1976 camper that was gutted and renovated into a shop on wheels. Tricia said she traveled around the state to go to craft shows and musical festivals. About three years ago, Tricia opened a brick-and-mortar location in Ferndale.

The store also offers workshops and classes where people can make their own décor. The classes include calligraphy, wreath-making and macramé.

Whimsical Wit is located at 2750 Hilton Road in Ferndale. You can watch the video above to hear more about the store.